If you're feeling like much of the modern world, you're probably suffering from lack of energy, lower mood, carb cravings and don't know what to do about it.

Oftentimes we look to confectionery chocolate for an 'energy boost' in a bid to feel better.

We've been brought up to use sugar, and chocolate in particular as the UK's no.1 confectionery item, to soothe our anxieties, numb our pain and give us pleasure. I'm sure we can all remember falling, hurting our knees and receiving a sweetie or chocolate or two to distract us and make us feel better. It worked!

We get comfort from the smooth texture and sweet taste. We like it; we love it. It makes us feel good.

And then we notice we're having too much of it and we're not feeling so good overall. We want to lose weight, get in shape, feel energised, vibrant; alive. We say we want to eat healthy and consume less but the confectionery keeps pulling us back in.

The problem isn't that we just have it on the odd occasion: we have chocolate and sugar-laden snacks routinely throughout the day and into the evening. We eat more than we intended to. We rely on it, we crave it. We want it when we're bored, lonely, unhappy or just looking for a 'treat'. And the thing is it will keep us caught in the loop of wanting and pleasure. Unlike fat and protein, there is no off switch for sugar. It's addictive. Causing us to consume more empty calories than we need, upsetting our gut microbiome, energy and mood.

It's not our fault - we have many mechanisms driving our sugar cravings and many other mechanisms making it difficult to resist.

However, there is another way. We can get out of the loop of wanting and pleasure and the resultant guilt, regret of having too much.  We can move away from cravings and needing the pleasure hits of high sugar confectionery to get us through the day. We don't have to stay stuck. We can take our power back. But we do have to make a choice.

We can teach our system to be satisfied with real food and its accompanying sweetness. We can watch our cravings and not be run by them. We can learn to enjoy making the better choice for our health and wellbeing. Taking us towards our goals of a healthy weight, getting in shape, feeling great.

But we have to really want to do it.

Because Revive! Choc is made only from real food with all its fibre and healthy fats, it slows the lower natural sugar content absorption down. It fills you up. It tastes less sweet and doesn't hit the pleasure centres as much as confectionery, leading to reduced cravings and a feeling of satisfaction. No need for guilt. And, over time, as you continue to choose Revive! Choc, your tastebuds change and desire for confectionery diminishes. It becomes a habit, a lifestyle change. You decide to choose real food because you know from experience that it makes your gut, energy and mood feel great.

Now you know this, what do you choose?

P.s. If you're looking to make some changes with your lifestyle I can help.

I can help you work out a programme to head towards your health and wellness goals. Starting where you're at. Small, fun changes accumulated over time to make a massive difference.

Just send me a message susie@revivein10.co.uk and we can have a chat about where you're at and where you want to go.

Susie x