Revive! Choc

Your health and sense of wellbeing is at the heart of what we do.

Revive in 10 brings you Revive! Choc to help balance your background physiology and energy, making you feel more ease and satisfaction. A great choice to nurture and support yourself - keeping you in charge and less likely to crave the sugary confectionery option.

Revive! Choc is just a starting point to bring your life back into balance!

Revive in 10 offers further small, simple, practical solutions that you can integrate into your life to continuously upgrade your energy, health and wellbeing.

Revive Yourself!

It's a constant challenge to keep up with this ever-increasing fast-paced modern world.

If we want to flourish we'll need to learn to consciously nurture and support ourselves. We can build more helpful habits and creatively take more charge over our energy, health and wellbeing - once we learn how it all works!

Revive in 10 offers understanding and skills to empower you to prevent and overcome increasingly common problems such as feelings of anxiety and stress; as well as unhealthy lifestyles and sugar cravings, in order to move forward into your best life.

Simple, small, satisfying habits to integrate into your life to help relax, reset and recharge to Revive yourself.


Our vision is to build a place where people can easily access learning, experience and support in how to take charge over our choices and shift how we feel to optimise our health and wellness.

Our vision is for people to know how to be able to take more charge over how they feel and experience their best life. To be able to move from stuckness and dis-ease to ease and flourishing.

Through strategic simple, small, satisfying actions we can make transformational changes.

By focussing on developing new, helpful habits, we can become more aware and shift from the unhelpful, unproductive patterns we find ourselves repeating day after day.

Carol Dweck, author of Mindset, states that “a person’s true potential is unknown – and unknowable”!  

So, we have been gifted with unknowable potential and it’s up to us to ask ourselves what we truly desire and begin the work of bringing it to fruition.

However, our self-talk and unhelpful habits often hold us back; we have very little compassion for ourselves and beat ourselves up over the smallest mistakes. This can bring us to a standstill before we’ve even begun.  Imagine if, when we were learning to walk, we gave up after we fell down a few times!  

We want to help you open your mind and alter your perspective. We want to awaken the possibility of a better you.  Help you get started; begin the shifts; build awareness and skill; establish the habits.

We tend to know the why and what we need to change; Revive in 10 helps with the how.


Curiosity. Compassion. Creativity. Courage.

We bring curiosity and compassion to our humanity; creativity and courage to our challenges.

Whether that’s making the switch to Revive! Choc or when we're learning the practical skills to relax, reset and recharge.

We understand what it’s like to be human and the many universal challenges we come across on the journey to our potential. Our services help you optimise and support your physiology, move yourself forward to build skill in navigating challenges and experience feelings of connection and flourishing.  Bringing yourself back to life.

As Joseph Campbell, famous mythologist, whose work examined the universal human experience, says: “I don’t believe people are looking so much for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”

Mission Statement

We help people learn to enjoy their experience of life and flourish.

Revive in 10’s mission is to help people be the best they can be by freeing themselves from unhelpful habits of feeling, thinking and doing.  To help people find their own inner strengths and become more empowered to take charge over their stress responses, feelings, thoughts and habits to create the best lives for themselves (and by default, those around them!).  We do this by teaching people how the system works and the skills to consciously shift state into more ease, creativity, joy and flow so that they can learn to choose their responses and actions in line with who they really want to be, rather than being stuck in reactive mode, run by stressful emotions of eg. fear, anxiety, anger, resistance.

And how do we become the best possible version of ourselves? Is it possible to work towards it during our day-to-day life while balancing work, relationships, a family, a social life and more?

Yes.  In fact, we believe it’s not only possible, but an essential need.  Abraham Maslow, the 20th Century psychologist and philosopher told us of the importance of actualising our potential.  In fact he said:  ‘What one can be, one must be.’  He also went as far as to say: ‘If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.’

The good news is that given the right knowledge, tools and support it’s achievable for anyone to be their best self, more of the time!  Once we create the space to dream up our ideal identity, we then commit to the process, and begin the journey.  Two steps forward, one step back – just like any long term journey.  We become aware of our own patterns, we can learn to shift them and change for the better. We do this by using small, bite-sized tools that are easy to fit into our daily routine.  And time after time we learn and grow and keep becoming the next best version of ourselves.

There is no limit to what we can do. Every day people accomplish the seemingly impossible. People achieve that promotion they dreamed of, lose weight after a lifetime of obesity and are able to give speeches in front of huge, anxiety-inducing audiences. They started with one small step in the most helpful direction.

No one was born able to do those things. They reached those levels by learning to care for themselves, allowing themselves to dream.  Setting intentions, goals and implementing small habits and processes that allowed them to flourish as human beings. Building skill along the way.  You can too. Small steps lead to big things. We just need to get started.

By maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle and ensuring you nourish yourself in the right way, you are supporting yourself to accomplish anything and feel amazing. There is nothing more liberating than when you take ownership, begin to shift the unhelpful habits and start achieving your goals. Revive in 10 is all about guiding and supporting you towards those feelings of ease, greater energy and that best version of yourself.


Susie Greig founded Revive in 10 to help people get their power back.

Suffering from stress, insomnia and anxiety, she realised she needed to change and begin anew. She knew she needed to find out what to do to bring herself back to enjoying life. She did, and made a promise to share what she learned.

Susie is a trained HeartMath® ( coach/ trainer, WEL coach/facilitator ( and certified Optimize coach (

She also loves chocolate but didn't want the ill-effects of sugar - so set about figuring how she could make a healthy chocolate that supports body and mind physiology - and created Revive! Choc

Susie is driven to empower people with the knowledge and skills to take ownership over their own health, wellbeing and direction in life. Through Revive in 10, she wants to pass this knowledge onto the people who wish to flourish and work towards the next best version of themselves. When you combine small, focussed, incremental habits with time, you see great results.